Paper is published

Our manuscript titled “A multi-spectral myelin annotation tool for machine learning based myelin quantification” is now available on the F1000Research in the NEUBIAS – the Bioimage Analysts Network gateway. In this paper, we introduce CEM3D, a multi-spectral image annotation tool suitable for collaboration of multiple experts. We demonstrate CEM3D implementation by extracting myelin ground truth data. We believe that both the software and the images are important resources for neuroscientists and image analysts.

In addition, we are happy to be part of the open science experience. The software, its source code, raw and annotated images are all available to researchers. We will be happy to collaborate too.

Finally, we would like to thank NEUBIAS: Network of European BioImage Analysts, COST Action CA15124 for supporting the publication and all the members for organizing such a great network.