I believe that science is a fundamental resource that each and every person should have access to.  Science outreach advocates and ambassadors who can communicate the scientific process and the findings in simple terms are essential in stimulating a better understanding of scientific principles and their application  to everyday life. I strive to do my best to reach to the public and disseminate information. In addition, I encourage my students to develop such communication skills. You can find videos and other useful information on the projects of the Kerman Lab as well as student projects.

AUTOIGG Science Night:

Learn more about the Automated Functional Screening of IgGs for Diagnostics of Neurodegenerative Diseases project. See how children gets excited about science. Watch the video here.

Medical Student Projects:

These videos are all great productions by the students and worth watching (even if you don’t speak Turkish for some of them).

Cryptococcal meningitis by Ilayda Erustun, Omer Akboga, Isa Enes Cimen, and Mihriban Bahar Dogan: Kriptokokal menenjit hakkında bilmeniz gerekenler. Watch the video here.

False “Facts” by Nazlıcan Mermertas, Selan Atik and Seyma Surmen: Bildiğinizi sandığınız yanlış gerçekler! Watch the video here.

AIDS by Nazlıcan Mermertas, Selan Atik, and Seyma Surmen: AIDS hakkında bilmedikleriniz! Watch the video here.

Angiogenesis by Furkan Akcal and Ege Candemir: Animation describing low oxygen levels leading to sprouting of new vessels. Watch the video here.

Axon Regeneration by Berna Koc and Busra Elci: A stop motion animation of peripheral nerve regeneration.  Watch the video here.

Notochord Formation by Sevval Bastug and Onur Gunday: How does this rod-like structure that defines us vertebrates form? Watch the video here.