Unlabeled myelin visualization paper is out!

Our conference paper describing how to visualize myelin using refractive index tomography (or as I simply call it 3D phase microscopy) is out. In collaboration with Dr. Fatih Toy, we can observe unlabeled myelin by the changes in refractive index caused by wrapping of the axons on a microscope built by Dr. Toy. We hope that this will lead to quicker and better evaluation of myelination opening new avenues for studying myelin and myelination diseases.

You can read the paper titled “Refractive index tomography of myelinating glial cells” here: Proceedings Volume 10887, Quantitative Phase Imaging V; 1088713 (2019) https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2512706

The custom microscope built by Dr. Toy.
The unlabeled myelin can be observed as a hollow tube.