CEM: Computer-assisted Evaluation of Myelin Formation

CEM is a tool we developed to assist researchers in myelin quantification. It is semi-automated as in the researcher sets up initial parameters, then, the images are processed and the results are both displayed and recorded. It runs on ImageJ and is available for download here: CEM_Files.

Currently, we are working on a machine learning-based approach to improve CEM into a fully automated software. This project is a collaborative effort among researchers from various specialties and industry (Our collaborators).

Please cite: Kerman, BE., Kim HJ., Padmanabhan, K., Mei, A., Georges, S., Joens, MS., Fitzpatrick, JAJ., Japelli, R., Chandross, K., August, P., and Gage, FH. (2015) In vitro myelin formation using embryonic stem cells. Development 142(12):2213-25.